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Iron Hoof
What The Experts Are Saying


The Ingrediants
What The Experts Are Saying
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When we started using IRON HOOF. , I was very skeptical about all hoof supplements. Being a researcher and animal scientist as well as a horseman, I have rarely

observed a supplement which could provide visible results. We started feeding IRON HOOF. to a 20-year-old cutting horse with a history of poor hoof integrity, white

line separation and weak shelly hoof wall. Within 30 days, we observed significant new hoof growth below the coronary band. After three months on IRON HOOF. the feet looked like a different set of hooves.  All the clients who have tried IRON HOOF upon my recommendation have observed similar hoof growth and improvement in hoof

quality in their horses.



Dennis H. Sigler, Ph.D., P.A.S.

Director of Nutrition and Sales

Martindale Feed Mill

Valley View, TX



We routinely use IRON HOOF. on our horses with poor hoof or coat condition and have found it to be far superior to any of the other products on the market.



Garth and Sonnesa Gooding

Bauer and Gooding Show Horses, Fennville, MI




I have used IRON HOOF for some time now, with great success. As a blacksmith, I found that it works better than any product I have used to improve and strengthen the condition of the hoof.  I would highly recommend this product to any serious horseman.


Barry Gooding

Rockin G Ranch, Fennville, MI



We have a horse with hooves cracked from the coronet band down. We tried all sorts of remedies and nothing worked, until IRON HOOF.  Within five months, the hoof was growing out and we can now show her again.


Tom and Lacey Johnson

Johnson Quarter Horses

Schoolcraft, MI




We have been using IRON HOOF for the last year. seen a great improvement in both our horses hair coats and their hooves. We have recommended the product to many of our friends.


Mark and Bonnie Emmans

Emmons Quarter Horse

Dowagiac, MI 


We started using IRON HOOF on a two-year-old that had cracked hooves. Within three months you could actually see a ridge in the hoof where the healthier hoof was growing. We eventually put all our trouble horses on IRON HOOF.   I am grateful when a product does what it is represented to do. My faith in IRON HOOF is backed by results.


Mary Luther

Mary Luther Quarter Horses, Eastmanville, MI



We have been feeding IRON HOOF for a few months to a large Percheron gelding with white feet. One front hoof had a crack full length. As it grows out, it is closing.  We are very pleased.  IRON HOOF really works!


Mary and Glenn Fosdick

Dowagiac, MI



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